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currently taught live, online due to covid-19.

“Amy is a very gifted, passionate childbirth educator. When my clients participate in her classes they approach their labors and births with confidence. They are knowledgeable, trusting in their bodies and open to their individual birth experiences. I highly recommend her class.”-Dana Ericson, Certified Nurse Midwife


“Amy has a true love and passion for guiding couples through the birth process. Her class will help to provide a strong framework for couples to prepare for the most important event in their lives.  I highly recommend Amy’s class.”

-Susan Hernandez, Certified Nurse Midwife

people of earth, take back your birth!


I educate women and their partners to know their options, and actively participate and take responsibility for the birth of their baby. knowledge is power! Excellent nutrition (100 grams of protein a day), avoidance of drugs (no drug has been proven safe for the unborn baby), natural abdominal breathing, relaxation, immediate and continuous contact with your baby, breastfeeding beginning at birth, consumerism, parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, and being prepared for unexpected situations are some of the goals for this class.


During class you will prepare a birth plan and affirmation banner, watch birth films from those who have sat in the circle before you, and you and your partner will learn comfort measures and pain coping techniques for labor and birth. Hands on exercises and relaxation techniques are also incorporated into class. This class teaches techniques that can be used with a midwife or doctor and in any birth location…hospital, birth center or home. 


We discuss the important questions…’Is this procedure necessary?’, ‘What will this procedure tell us?’, ‘What is best for my baby?'. If you’re not prepared and something unexpected was to happen, you would always wonder 'What if?'.  What if you would have labored at home longer? What if you would have used a different care provider who understood your beliefs and goals? What if your partner would have known more ways to comfort and support you? What if you would have gotten educated?


Most people start around their fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, but it's ultimately up to you and what works best for your schedule.  I teach a Monday or Tuesday night, or Saturday morning childbirth class.  The average class size is six to eight couples.  I have many single mamas take class, same sex couples and mother/daughter couples...everyone is welcome. The cost for the 12 week class is $295. Payment is typically due when we start, but I am also open to payment plans and sometimes it's covered by insurance. If you want to get educated, I will do my best to make it happen!


This class is a fun, relaxing, non-judgmental, confidential environment. We enjoy spending quality time together and meeting people who share a lot of the same beliefs and concerns about birth. Many people stay in touch long after class ends and their babies become friends. You gain the confidence and support you need to achieve your birth goal: Healthy mama. Healthy baby.



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