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amy and tim
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happy birth day! 


"if i can do it, so can you."

my name is amy brooks murphy (she/her) and i know from my own personal experiences that the pregnant body was designed to give birth. i have never felt more powerful as i did after the birth of all four of my children. each experience taught me about patience, flexibility, perseverance, unconditional love and that i'm a badass and i can do anything i set my mind to. that's why i became a childbirth educator, postpartum doula, lactation specialist and parent coach. 


i've educated and empowered pregnant and postpartum people since 2002, my passion for birth and babies is strong. every time i start a class i'm amazed by the incredible pregnant people i get to hang out with. i feel so fortunate to be involved in one of their most sacred, life changing and power-full experiences ever. i also love that we can stay connected through my weekly postpartum playgroup, lactation/feeding support, postpartum doula services, and parent coaching.


when i’m not teaching or helping families, i’m with my own. my husband tim and i have four kids, mae (24), stella (23), brooks (19) and tula (15). we enjoy playing with our dogs frida and flo, cooking, traveling, taking care of all my plants, listening to music, watching soccer, swimming in our backyard pool and hanging out with friends. i love the fact that my kids are aware and empowered by the beauty of birth and breastfeeding. XO


we should talk.

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