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“I was thrilled to discover Amy and all the wonderful work she does when I was pregnant with my second child. Amy has helped me grow into a better parent and a stronger woman. I love the feeling of knowing I get to be in her (and other strong and caring parents) company every Tuesday at playgroup. I enjoy the speakers and guests, but I almost enjoy the days more when we talk openly and honestly about postpartum, nursing and feeding, sleep issues, and anything else that’s going on. It truly is one of the best groups I’ve attended since becoming a parent." 

-Monika Owczarski



All things baby mini class: A privateonline session where we talk specifically about you and your amazing tiny human. I'll educate and empower you about all things baby: sleeping, bathing, soothing, baby wearing, diapering, when to call the doctor, pumping, going back to work, starting solids and everything else that's on your mind. The cost is $100 for two hours of private, personalized support. I also offer in home breastfeeding supportPlease contact me with questions.

Postpartum power private session. The weeks after the birth of your baby can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. I bring knowledge, experience and comfort and reassurance. I'll help you navigate the emotions and stress and love that comes with being a new mama. This is a time when it’s nice to have someone with experience that will listen, give nonjudgemental support and help you get things organized and on the right track. The cost is $75.

I offer a private session all about processing your birth. Together we talk through your birth experience and I help you break it down in a nonjudgemental, empowering, supportive way. The cost is $75/hour.


I offer a postpartum group for families with babies and toddlers. There is an opportunity each week to get breastfeeding support, to ask questions, share concerns and celebrate accomplishments as well.  You have the chance to see old friends from your childbirth class and to make new friends too.  So many of you are going through the same joys and challenges and getting you all together leads to great things! Postpartum playgroup currently meets online every Tuesday morning at 9:00. It's free, everyone is welcome and it's okay if you're running late! Please note that you can always check my facebook page or instagram for updates.

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