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high protein foods to eat during pregnancy

you are what you eat 


“Even if you are the most calm, confident and determined pregnant person in the universe, if you ignore proper prenatal nutrition, you’re setting the stage for intrusive, possibly traumatic, birth interventions.”
- Pam England, Birthing From Within


“If you are pregnant, you must eat a good, nutritious, balanced diet every day during your pregnancy. A good diet is the best insurance that your baby will be healthy and strong with a normal weight at birth!”
- Dr.Brewer


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


i offer a pregnant power mini class for people who just found out they are pregnant. we cover optimal pregnancy nutrition, finding a care provider, should you hire a doula?, pregnancy exercises and everything else that's on your mind. the cost is $100.


optimal nutrition is the single most important thing that you can do for your baby during pregnancy. your baby’s growth depends on what you choose to put in your body. every time you take a bite of food, picture exactly where it is going…directly to your baby. pregnant people need to be eating 100 grams of protein and drinking four quarts of water everyday. we spend time in class sharing healthy, high protein recipe ideas.


download a printable protein counter chart.


also, check out my friend (and childbirth class grad) amy palanjian's website yummy toddler food where you'll find wholesome, happy recipes specifically created for 1-3 year olds!

sample menu ideas

sample day #1

2 eggs 
whole wheat toast with nut butter 
30 grams of protein


almonds(2 oz) 
10 grams of protein


spinach salad
chicken breast 
sunflower seeds (2 oz) 
cheese (1 oz) 
50 grams of protein


apple with nut butter and granola

20 grams of protein


turkey and black bean chili 

30 grams of protein


total protein 140 grams


sample day #2

greek yogurt 
30 grams of protein


deviled egg

7 grams of protein


turkey sandwich 
32 grams of protein


cottage cheese (1/2 cup)

12 grams of protein


chicken enchiladas

36 grams of protein


total protein 117 grams!!!



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