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childbirth class schedule 

classes are currently held live, online

from 6-7:30 CST

august 28th - october 23th (monday nights)

november 6 - december 18 (monday nights)

november 28 - january 30 (tuesday nights)

january 8 - february 26 (monday nights)

february 6 - march 26 (tuesday nights)

march 4 - april 22 (monday nights)

april 2 - may 21 (tuesday nights)

may 6 - june 24 (monday nights)

the cost for the childbirth class series is $325 and

you can pay by venmo @amy-brooksmurphy,

cash or check. i also offer package options for a discount on class and lactation and postpartum services.


please note, because of the online format we might not need as many weeks to get through all the information. you'll watch films and practice exercises and labor positions outside of class.


postpartum/parenting group


we meet tuesday mornings from 9-10:30 in-person the first of the month at the clive library. all other tuesday mornings we meet online. anyone from anywhere is welcome. sometimes we have a topic, but we always make time to talk about whatever is on your mind. breastfeeding support is available too.

it's also okay if you're late or leave early. it's free, fun, inclusive, and nonjudgmental.

you are not alone.


september 5th, october 3rd and november 14th (not 11/7 because it's voting day) we'll meet in person at the clive library and the rest of the month we're online. please reach out with questions.


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