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childbirth class schedule 

February 18 - May 5 (Tuesday nights)

March 9 - May 18 (Monday nights)

April 11 - June 20 (Saturday mornings)

May 12 - August 4 (Tuesday nights)

June 1 - August 24 (Monday nights)

July 11 - October 10 (Saturday mornings)

August 11 - October 27 (Tuesday nights)

September 14 - November 23 (Monday nights)

Monday and Tuesday night classes start at 6:15 pm.

Saturday morning classes start at 9:00 am.

The cost is $295. 

Due to the current coronavirus situation,

classes are held online. 

Hopefully soon classes will be held back in my living room in Des Moines, off Polk Boulevard.

 Ps. Summer classes are sometimes held in or around my backyard, uterus shaped swimming pool!



postpartum playgroup schedule 

Postpartum playgroup meets most Tuesday mornings from 9-10:30 at the Clive Public Library. Sometimes we have a specific topic/speaker and sometimes we just hang out. Everyone with little ones are welcome (of course dads and pregnant people too) and it's totally okay if you're late. It's free, super fun, non-judgmental, relaxed, casual, safe and all good. The dates with a speaker/topic are listed. Other Tuesdays we meet and talk about whatever is on your mind. Breastfeeding support is always available. XOXO

Postpartum playgroup is currently not meeting because of the coronavirus situation. Please reach out anytime if you need support. Contact Amy