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(i know the coolest people).
My husband and I often say that taking Amy's class was the best thing we did in our pregnancy. Besides the enormous amount of knowledge we acquired, I gained a sense of empowerment during my pregnancy and in my birth experience. I had the confidence in my partner who felt empowered in his role because of the class. Amy has a gift with people and an array of information and care to give to families. We so appreciated her sincerity, open mind, sense of humor and love for her work.  I recommend Amy's classes to all expecting and new parents! -Jamie & Billy

This class was critical in feeling prepared as first-time parents. Amy provided us so much information

about pregnancy, childbirth and lactation experiences, making us much more confident. There were no dumb questions (although lots of laughter) and everything was presented in an unbiased, honest way. Plus, her classes are built around community, even when conducted virtually, meaning we connected with other couples going through the same major life-event. There was a lot of power in knowing we weren't alone. I also utilized Amy's postpartum group and think this service is invaluable! Our culture spends so much time prepping for baby and so little time equipping women and families for the serious adjustment after delivering baby. I cherished knowing that once a week I would get to connect with other women that just GOT IT. I could have a complete breakdown amongst women I barely knew and the support was palpable. I am forever grateful for our experiences with Amy and would recommend to any expecting parents. -Kristin and Scott

While pregnant with my son, I was anxious about the huge unknown of giving birth. I credit much of the strength, focus, & confidence I ultimately felt during that experience to what my wife & I learned in Amy’s classes. Amy taught us about all our options, empowered us to self-advocate, made us laugh & think & laugh some more! She was committed to fostering a queer/trans inclusive & affirming space for us. Amy has continued to be a huge source of support for me in my postpartum journey, from placenta encapsulation & weekly playgroup to guidance about breastfeeding/sleep/mental health & even a water aerobics class. I know I can text her whenever with whatever question & there’s seriously no judgment. I recommend Amy’s services to every pregnant person I know! - Anna & June


I can’t say enough good things about Amy and her before and after the birth class! With her motto “if you don’t know your options you don’t have any” she provided a very comprehensive perspective of the entire birth experience, including breastfeeding and parenting in general. Each class my husband and I attended, we left feeling truly empowered. While my birth did not go exactly as my husband and I had planned, I felt like I was in control the whole time because of what Amy taught my husband and I during class. I think I actually surprised some of my nurses with things I was requesting and asking for that I had learned about in class! I felt that I had the knowledge and power to advocate for myself and my daughter. Amy also encapsulated my placenta and provided breastfeeding support after I had my daughter, something I am so grateful for. Additionally, Amy leads an amazing postpartum playgroup that I have found so helpful in these days as a new mom. Amy is truly a light in my life that I can’t imagine going through this new role as a momma without. Please do not hesitant to sign up for these classes or utilize her services! 

-Ashley & Seth 

I cannot say enough good things about Amy’s classes and support. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic, honest, and open educator and taking her birth class made a world of difference for my wife and I before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. We met Amy as anxious new parents-to-be and by the time we were at our due date, we felt confident and prepared - not to mention, very supported by Amy and our classmates, with whom we continue to be in contact. I have and will continue to recommend before and after the birth services to all of my friends preparing for birth. -Lindsey and Rachael

I LOVED amy murphy's class. My husband and I started class in her home in Feb 2020 right before the pandemic hit, and then we switched to virtual class in March 2020. Even with the switch to virtual, we don't think we lost out on the full experience or information. We've said over and over that her class was the best thing we did to prepare for our first child. Highly, highly recommend. -Audri and Blake


Let me start by letting everyone know that the class was the single most important learning tool we had regarding the birth of our daughter.  Amy presented the class in a manner that permitted everyone to participate and did not “force” the participants into any way of delivery.  Given the amount of education provided, my wife and I made informed choices for our daughter’s birth and even passed along the information to our friends for their birthing experiences.  Before and After the Birth allows parents to gain valuable education, be prepared for the birth of their child and make friends with parents in their exact same situation.  Seeing our friends and family go through their own birthing process without the benefit of Amy really puts into perspective the value of the class.  Education truly is power. -Ryan & Emily


Taking Amy’s childbirth class was absolutely the best decision we made before the birth of our daughter. Not only did she educate us on the childbirth experience but she equipped us with the knowledge to best advocate for ourselves and our baby throughout the birthing process. From pregnancy health and nutrition to partner support during birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care and beyond, Amy played a crucial role in helping us become the parents we are to our daughter, who is now nearly 8 months old. Amy goes out of her way to help each individual mother/parent and their partner/support person according to their specific desires and needs. She is sensitive and inclusive to/of everyone’s unique journey to parenthood and we will forever be thankful for her guidance. My birth experience was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was such a positive and empowering experience 100% thanks to what I learned from Amy. We would recommend her class to everyone from our closest friends and loved ones to any stranger on the street. If you are considering taking her class, stop now and just sign up!!! You absolutely will NOT regret it. -Lisa


I’d recommend Amy’s before and after birth classes over and over. Her classes offer not only knowledge but support and community. My first birth experience was on the traumatic side (emergency c-section and NICU), so years later during my second pregnancy, it was such a relief to find a teacher who was an advocate for VBAC deliveries. I used and was thankful for several of the recommended referrals on her page (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage) who were also extremely knowledgeable and provided lovely care)). I went into my second labor being informed and empowered. Due to COVID, doulas were not an option, but Amy’s voice ‘you can do hard things’ was there. What made an even bigger impact on me, was the lactation services after. I was in the midst of my second case of mastitis in four weeks, feeling defeated, exhausted, almost ready to give up... I’d seen my midwife, read everything I could find, and knew the facts, treatment, etc. but what I really needed was support, someone again to say ‘you can do hard things’, and that’s exactly what Amy did, and here I am seven months later still nursing. Words/a google review does not do justice in explaining just how empowering these classes and the teacher are. I wish I had known what I do now during my first pregnancy and will always recommend to my friends/family for that reason. -Sahara and Brayden


Amy’s class should be gifted to every new mom!!! Her work offers support, priceless education of details often not discussed in modern day birth plans, and a gumption of cheerleader energy towards child bearing people everywhere! Once you connect with Amy, you know you have a leader in the industry cheering you on for the entirety of motherhood. A friend and advocate for life. -Kerri and Tyler


Amy’s class teaches you everything you need to know to prepare for labor and childbirth. I left her classes feeling empowered to be an advocate for myself, my birth and my baby. Using evidence-based information, Amy helps you feel confident in your body’s ability to give birth, and offers many tools to help you achieve the birth you desire. The insights I gained will last a lifetime, and it was well worth the time and investment. And the friendships and community I gained along the way will last a lifetime! -Sarah 

Amy's postpartum group has been a warm and happy place for me to visit with my little one throughout her first year. Everyone is always so welcoming and positive, it's nice to know that I have a place to go and socialize with other mamas. Plus my little girl absolutely loves the kiddos she's met there. I'm excited to introduce my friends to the group as they welcome little ones. ​-April


We could not love Amy more! Going into her childbirth class, we were skeptical if it would be the right class for us. As it turns out, she was one of the most instrumental parts of preparing us to become parents! And after our baby girl was born, she and I enjoyed attending Amy's Tuesday morning moms group. It was great to be able to compare notes and share frustrations and joys with women who were in the same boat. In the sea of uncertainty that new parents face, Amy is a calm force and wealth of knowledge. We are so happy we took her class!

-Amanda & Will


Amy's class played a big part in helping us get the natural birth we wanted for our baby girl. She is a wonderful teacher and she made us very knowledgeable in the labor process itself. Her classes were a lot of fun and brought us closer in our relationship and helped us to connect with each other as parents for our baby and making the right choices for her. Amy has been extremely supportive, kind and loving even after the classes have ended. Thank you so much Amy!  - Mary & James


Amy's presence and wisdom is such a comfort to mother's on their breastfeeding journey. Amy recognizes every mothers breastfeeding experience is unique, and she'll be the first to celebrate your successes!

-Nicki Prati, La Leche League Leader (and childbirth class grad)

I can't recommend Amy enough!  Her childbirth class completely transformed the way I looked at birth - I am so grateful to have had her shared wisdom and experiences in the midst of such an impactful time of life.  What Amy does for our community is also amazing - she brings together an awesome group of families.  Her postpartum classes are such a warm and welcoming environment for a new mother - something that I looked forward to every Tuesday after the birth of each of my children.  Our family has made lifelong friends through this wonderful network of people.  Amy has a true talent - not only in educating and nurturing - but in creating an invaluable sense of community that is treasured by all who are lucky to be a part of it! – Erin & Christopher


Amy is amazing!  She knows what she is talking about and she takes away the fear of birth, not just for me, but also for my husband. My husband and I are new to Des Moines, and we are also first time parents.  We didn't know what we were doing or where to turn for help before taking her class.  Amy gave us so many valuable suggestions, we now feel like we have a full support network in place and we are ready to give birth!

-Arlie & Hayden


We had read several books and took other classes but found this one to be the most helpful and the most entertaining way to prepare for birth.  We began the series unsure of the kind of birth we wanted and left feeling confident that a natural birth was both doable and preferable.  Amy and the other couples became a great support group, and in spite of the busyness and fatigue that accompanied pregnancy, we looked forward to our class each week.  It moved at a good pace and was all-encompassing. When the big day arrived, we felt prepared and we were able to have a drug-free, intervention-free delivery of a healthy baby girl.  Des Moines is lucky to have a resource like Amy in the community! -Lindsay & Jason


Amy's childbirth class was instrumental in helping us prepare for the birth we desired. She presented us with information so we could make educated decisions and develop our birth plan. We practiced stretches, relaxation techniques, and labor positions. Above all, she reminded us again and again that my body is powerful and I was built to give birth. Those positive mantras stayed with us and gave us strength as we brought our beautiful baby girl into the world.-Mary & Joe


We couldn't be more thrilled with the amount of quality information we gained from classes with Amy.  We were taught to trust our instincts and the woman's body!  We felt fully prepared for the birth of our son.  Even during some complications we felt calm and at peace with our decisions, because we had been so well informed, thanks to Amy and her wonderful classes! My son and I have been attending Amy's postpartum classes, which is such a great place to learn and have a chance to talk to other moms!  She is a great support-one we couldn't have done without! -Lindsay & Doug


My husband and I took Amy Brooks Murphy’s natural childbirth class in the months leading up to the birth of our twins.  We truly looked forward to class each and every week.  Amy provided a laid back, relaxed and open atmosphere in which we learned about every option available to us in regards to labor, delivery and postpartum care.  When I went into labor, I felt we were armed with the right knowledge to make the most important decisions both for my health and safety and that of our babies.  We were lucky to have Amy in our life!! Her guidance and assurance gave us comfort and confidence throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and the magical birth of the twins.  Looking back now, that day is my most precious memory and I think that we owe a lot of our calm and peace to Amy! “It’s all good!”-Liz & Ron


I cannot imagine going into labor without first having taken Amy's childbirth class. Her classes provided my husband, Chris, and I with the information we needed, but also the exercises that prepared us both physically and mentally for my giving birth. Amy has a way of getting to the realities of birth in an open and honest way that allowed for us to ask all our questions, but also to -- amazingly -- grow closer as a couple. The hospital classes just can't provide any of that. In the delivery room, I was so glad to have the knowledge and preparedness I had obtained, and to have my husband's support and confidence, which he gained while taking Amy's class. Amy's postpartum classes are a must-do for all moms. Before coming, I was nervous because I didn't think I would know anyone and I didn't know what all the breast-feeding moms would think if I had to give my daughter a bottle. But then I went to one class. And I went to every class possible after. Especially those first couple months, going to class was the highlight of each crazy, hormonal, exhausting week. Tuesday playgroup is the one place where I could go where I didn't have to be "ready." My daughter could arrive in her pajamas, fed or not fed, and it's all fine. I knew I could just relax, ask questions, learn lots and talk about momhood with Amy and the other moms, who have become some of my best friends. –Martha


I am so glad my husband and I took this class! We learned practical tips for making our dream of a natural birth into a reality (even in a hospital environment!) and had conversations we would never have thought to have if not for what we were learning in class. -Maria


I knew what I wanted (a safe delivery and a healthy baby) and I knew what I didn’t want (a painful recovery). Amy, through her class and support, helped fuse my desires into an amazing birth experience. I fully expected an out-of-control experience, like on TV, of yelling at my husband and screaming at the nurses. In all actuality, it was a very calm event because we BOTH knew what to expect and how to handle it. Amy encouraged the kind of communication where we wouldn’t have to talk … and didn’t.  We didn’t really understand the benefits of a doula … encouragement doesn’t even begin to describe how Amy helped us achieve such an incredible way for our son to enter this world.- Renee


Amy was very passionate about what she does. She always offered to explain things more fully if we wanted and she always offered articles and videos to help educate us. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one we had in Amy’s class.- Adam


This class was an incredible experience that we would highly recommend.  The strength and knowledge that both of us gained from this class provided the essential foundation for us to have a natural birth.  Knowledge is power and this class provided a safe, confidential environment for learning, asking questions, and participating in conversations and activities that helped us through our childbirth.  We personally thank Amy for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us.- Laura & Tanner


We loved our birth experience with Amy.  After taking the class we felt prepared and ready for the whole birthing process.  We appreciated the holistic approach and the information that it provided us with.  Amy is genuine, caring and passionate about this topic and it makes the class that much better.  She is a knowledgeable instructor who presents both sides of the information, is available and very willing to help or answer any questions.  We felt cared for by her not just as students, but people.  Even right before labor, during and after, she was available to answer questions and encourage us.  We highly recommend taking this class from Amy Brooks Murphy!- Amy & Jared


Amy’s class was a wonderful part of my pregnancy and our birth experience. I learned a lot about myself, my husband and my baby and really bonded with fellow first timers. By far the most amazing result of the classes was that I did not feel alone throughout labor and birth, I knew that Amy and everyone was with me in spirit. Thank-you Amy!!-Laura & Mike


We learned how to relax, to trust my body, and perhaps more importantly, we learned that we were not alone in demanding a natural birth from a hospital system that seems determined to turn birth into a medical event.  Amy spoke from her own experiences and from the experiences of previous students.  Her calm confidence that we were equipped with helped us accomplish what we wanted and it helped us maintain our confidence as well.
- Sarah 


I wasn’t totally sure what the class would teach me after already having taken a childbirth class at a local hospital.  I was pleasantly surprised!  amy brooks-murphy was a wonderful instructor who did an excellent job teaching the class and i learned a lot of new information that the hospital class didn’t provide.  i also enjoyed the smaller, more intimate setting of the class, which was conducive to having all of our questions and concerns addressed.  i would very much recommend this class to anyone considering natural childbirth.- Kiersten


It was a great class! Our comfort level increased so much due to all the lessons and advice.- Ryan


Amy is truly a blessing. Her knowledge of the birth process and babies is amazing. We loved going to class each week and learning about different parts of the birth. Everyone in class got to know each other and looked forward to sharing our stories as babies were born. The atmosphere in class was very inviting and we felt comfortable asking any questions we had, no matter how silly they seemed. We highly recommend Amy and this class for anyone looking for something different and more natural in the birth process. It was a fantastic experience for us!- Katie & Wes


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