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"If I can do it, so can you." I know from my own birth experiences that a woman's body was designed to give birth spontan- eously, vaginally, naturally. I have never felt more powerful as I did after the natural birth of my first daughter Mae. more about Amy

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58% of mothers have a gloved hand inserted into their uterus after birth
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"Birth is as safe as life gets."
Harriette Hartigan
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before and after the birth

natural childbirth and postpartum education
amy brooks murphy aahcc, ccce

“if you don’t know your options,
you don’t have any.”

Educating woman and their partners to not only know their options, but actively participate and take responsibility for the birth of their baby is what this class is about. Learn more about the class

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 what past students have said about amy’s childbirth class

“Amy’s class was a wonderful way for my husband and I to prepare for the birth of our son. We had read a lot of books and watched videos, but attending class with Amy answered all of our questions and helped us get to know other people who wanted similar childbirth experiences. The best thing about the class is that it provided information we didn’t even know we needed. We left the class feeling very informed and prepared to make decisions on our son’s behalf. We highly recommend this class! Amy is also a natural teacher who is incredibly informed. She has run the gamut of childbirth experiences herself and shares her knowledge in her own gentle style. If you hope to have a natural childbirth experience, taking this class is a great way to prepare yourself!”-Danielle and Tom

“These classes were great! Amy is a caring, knowledgable, and gifted teacher! My husband and I learned so much invaluable information for before, during, and after the birth of our baby girl! The resources you pick up from the class really help you to customize your birth, no matter where the location–home, birth center, or hospital! We highly recommend this series of classes!”-Chrissy and Mike

“We learned so much in this class!  Amy is so helpful, positive, and REAL as a birth class instructor.  Even though our birth had some complications that kept us from doing it totally naturally, we felt very equipped to make good decisions about the process.  We were well-prepared and knew what to expect, thanks to the information we learned in class.  Additionally, we attribute our major successes with breastfeeding to the information we learned from Amy.  We consider this class essential for parents who want to be well-prepared for the birth experience.” -Nicole and Jason

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